Cranberry Seed Oil Benefits & Uses

Naturally Beauty

Who could say that from a tiny fruit used as a beauty care product we could get a huge amount of benefits that can be amazingly reflected in the skin, hair and with a wink in the mirror? What’s really exciting about Cranberry Seed oil is its antioxidant capability, which is very useful in skin care, as they can protect it from environmental stressors. It also has a perfect ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, which means that it absorbs super well into the skin, giving you great hydration.

Botanical Beauty Cranberry Seed Oil , a beauty care product

Knowing all this, Chateau Cosmetics Botanical Beauty introduced their own version of Cranberry Seed Oil 100% Pure Unrefined Virgin & Organic Cranberry Seed Oil 100% Pure Unrefined Virgin, which represents the perfect choice for all of your bath, body, skin, face and hair care, products where it offers excellent skin protection and will also help to stabilize and improve the antioxidant activity.

What is Cranberry Seed Oil? The best kept secret…

Cranberry Seed Oil, cold pressed from the seed of the super fruit, as the one produced by Botanical Beauty is unique among the fixed oils because it contains a very high essential fatty acid profile, along with a good mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin E) content, high phytosterols, and a balanced ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 essential fatty acids, giving it excellent anti-oxidant activity and skin nurturing benefits. Cranberry Seed Oil is nature’s perfect moisturizer, rich enough to help in reducing itching, dandruff, eczema, and even psoriasis.

Cranberry Seed Oil by Botanical Beauty | Beauty Oil

Your skin will love it!

Its richness in antioxidant, vitamins and natural acid makes the Cranberry Seed Oil an ally in skin care always boosting collagen to improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness. The natural SPF found in Cranberry Seed Oil prevents the damage caused by the sun and the environmental risks and may help reduce the appearance of age spots/pigmentation.

Omega Fatty Acids provide deep hydration to the skin and lock in moisture, providing long-term moisturization, softness, and plumpness. The balanced ratio of omega 3 to omega six essential fatty acids in cranberry seed oil is fantastic because it allows the fast absorption into the skin, bringing with it Vitamin E and the other fantastic constituents.

Organic Cranberry Seed Oil by Botanical Beauty provide deep hydration to the skin

The rich Omega 3 and six fatty acids help to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, this means it is the perfect ingredient to calm inflamed and dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Let the seed go to your head!

The high vitamin E levels nourish the scalp and promote lustrous hair while the essential fatty acids fight dry scalp conditions like dandruff. The balanced fatty acids also make it a non-greasy oil, the perfect combination for shiny, healthy hair minus the greasy feel.

  • Our Cranberry Seed Oil is 100% pure unrefined with no chemicals or synthetic solvents. It doesn’t have any fillers, preservatives, additives or artificial fragrances added. It is non-toxic and doesn’t not clog the pores. Absorbs quickly, leaving a light, non-greasy feeling.
  • Cranberry Seed Oil by Botanical Beauty is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin A & E, a remarkable and stable source of 3 & 6 and 9 Essential Fatty Acids, what made of it a nature’s Perfect moisturizer and also with a very stable Shelf Life.
  • Our product is a very potent antioxidant, that making it an excellent addition to your natural sun protection products where it will help to prevent photodamage. Ideal to use as under the makeup.

• It effectively moisturizes and improve skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, dryness and skin lines. It is regenerating skin cells.
Cranberry Seed Oil by Botanical Beauty can aid in the relief of itchy, scaly, irritated skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. cranberry seed oil. The significant amount of Vitamin A, makes a good choice for inclusion within blends for acne or blemished skin.
Cranberry Seed Oil helps for hair problem including dryness, brittleness, thinning, or splitting. Strengthens and moisturize the hair and scalp; promotes silky soft hair, prevents moisture loss and adds elasticity and suppleness, and also provides an immediate sparkle and shine.

Use this good one, not only to be eaten…

As easy as eating a cranberry are the ways to use the Cranberry Seed Oil by Botanical Beauty.

Make your face ready to enjoy this splash of health with only few drops. It is recommended to use it at night as a moisturizing agent. It is non-greasy and non-oily and absorbs into the skin very easily and does not leave an oily feel. It can also be used on your face and body mixing a few drops with your favorite cream, lotion, make-up remover, shower & bath gel, shampoos, face mask, sunscreen products and lip balms.

If the power of this seed is going to your hair, add 2-3 drops to your own favorite shampoo or conditioner and gently massage or rub the oil on the scalp. This oil is absorbed very easily by the skin and the scalp and helps the cells to rejuvenate.

Cranberry Seed Oil by Botanical Beauty is a botanical product 100% pure

Cranberry Seed Oil by Botanical Beauty is a botanical product 100% pure unrefined, natural, cold pressed and undiluted to be used in the face, hair and body, available in 5 different presentations: bottles of 0.33 fl.oz -10 ml, bottles of 0.5 fl.oz -15 ml, bottles of 1 fl.oz -30 ml, bottles of 2 fl.oz -60 ml and bottles of 4 fl.oz -120 ml.

Go online and get your bottle now and start to enjoy the benefits of Cranberry Seed Oil and be “Naturally Beauty”.

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